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Author Jo Knowles poses with students after presentations
Jo Knowles presenting
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“'Do I dare disturb the universe?' That was the message from today’s visiting author, Jo Knowles. In one of the most powerful visiting author presentations that I have been to (I cried)...Knowles shared with us that for her, writing is how she makes a difference: 'I disturb the universe by writing books that shed light on the dark parts of it, hoping to help readers feel less alone.'"  

--Principal's Corner Newsletter, Hartford Memorial Middle School

I love visiting schools, libraries and book groups to talk about writing, reading, my books, and more!  Below you will find some of the programs I offer. These can be day-long visits, or you can choose a single presentation, workshop, or Q&A session. Please e-mail me for availability and rates.

Day-long school visit:

Includes 3 of any combination of the presentations described below.


1. Assembly Presentation (45 min-1 hour):

Inspirational talk on my journey to becoming a reader and writer, the stories behind selected books, encouragement for students to discover their voices and potential, and a challenge to make a positive difference in the world. Approximately 35-45 minute speech followed by Q&A (timing is flexible).


2. Q&A Sessions (45 min-1 hour):

A lively discussion for book groups and classes who have read one or more of my books and prepared questions ahead of time.


3. Writing Workshops (45 min-1 hour):

Interactive, engaging workshops for all abilities. Choices: "Developing Strong Characters," "Creating Powerful Dialogue," "Writing Strong Beginnings," "Worldbuilding 101," "Tools of the Trade: A Writers Toolbox," "Let's Just Write: A Series of Fun Writing Prompts."

Skype visits (30 minutes):

Q & A Session for book groups and classes who have read at least one of my books and prepared questions ahead of time.  


PLEASE NOTE: Candlewick Press offers a

40% book discount to schools that book a visit!


In order to ensure an engaging visit, I highly recommend

having students read at least one of my books prior to my visit.

This is required for Q&A sessions.