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Image of Jo Knowles conducting Skype Visit
Author Jo Knowles poses with students after presentations
Jo Knowles presenting
Jo Knowles, See You at Harry's School Visit
Author Jo Knowles meeting with students
Image of Jo Knowles working with students
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“'Do I dare disturb the universe?' That was the message from today’s visiting author, Jo Knowles. In one of the most powerful visiting author presentations that I have been to (I cried)...Knowles shared with us that for her, writing is how she makes a difference: 'I disturb the universe by writing books that shed light on the dark parts of it, hoping to help readers feel less alone.'"  

--Principal's Corner Newsletter, Hartford Memorial Middle School

I love visiting schools, libraries and book groups to talk about writing, reading, my books, and more!  Below you will find some of the programs I offer. These can be day-long visits, or you can choose a single presentation, workshop, or Q&A session. Please contact me - HERE  for rates and availability.

Day-long school visit:

Includes 3 of any combination of the presentations described below.


1. Assembly Presentation (45 min-1 hour):

Inspirational talk on my journey to becoming a reader and writer, the stories behind selected books, encouragement for students to discover their voices and potential, and a challenge to make a positive difference in the world. Approximately 35-45 minute speech followed by Q&A (timing is flexible).


2. Q&A Sessions (30 min-1 hour):

A lively discussion for book groups and classes who have read one or more of my books and prepared questions ahead of time.


3. Writing Workshops (45 min-1 hour):

Interactive, engaging workshops for all abilities. Choices: "Developing Strong Characters," "Creating Powerful Dialogue," "Writing Strong Beginnings," "Worldbuilding 101," "Tools of the Trade: A Writers Toolbox," "Let's Just Write: A Series of Fun Writing Prompts."


4. Storytime and activity (30 min-1 hour)

A fun, interactive reading for younger children with the choice of an activity to follow, if choosing a longer session.

Skype visits (30 minutes):

Q & A Session for book groups and classes who have read at least one of my books and prepared questions ahead of time.  

In order to ensure an engaging visit, I highly recommend

having students read at least one of my books prior to my visit.

This is required for Q&A sessions.


PLEASE NOTE: Candlewick Press offers a

40% book discount to schools that book a visit!

 In an effort to support equity and inclusivity in the world of books and beyond, Jo has taken a public pledge not to speak at conferences or festivals that feature only white creators, and will not appear on panels with only white speakers. She is unavailable for any book events that discriminate against marginalized or underrepresented people.


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