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Meant to Be Final Cover.jpeg


ISBN-10: 1536210323

ISBN-13: 978-1536210323

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Meant To Be

Candlewick Press



From the publisher: 

“In a companion to Where the Heart Is, the lens turns to younger sister Ivy as she fields the joys and pitfalls of new friendship, hones her passion for baking, and resists the idea of change.”


"Meant to Be shines a light on the wonderful, kindhearted kids who sometimes fall through the cracks. Ivy’s voice—and her bike-fixing, pancake-making, friendship-mending determination—will stay with me for a long time."
Kate Messner, award-winning author of The Seventh Wish

"A wonderful, tender-hearted story of friendship, empathy, and baking lessons with vivid characters that will resonate with all those who long to have things stay the same in a world that is always changing."
Christina Diaz Gonzalez, award-winning author of The Red Umbrella


"Meant to Be will melt your heart like butter on a sunny day. Ivy is energetic, optimistic, and funny. We all need Ivy in our lives, especially now."
Debbi Michiko Florence, award-winning author of the Jasmine Toguchi series

"Jo Knowles has done it again! Meant to Be offers a touching portrait of a realistically imperfect kid trying her best to be a good person and a better friend."
Meg Frazer Blakemore, author of the Frankie Sparks, Third-Grade Inventor series


"With Ivy, young readers will find the perfect companion to trek through all the complex feelings that come with growing up. From the joy of new friendships to the reality of learning what it means to be truly empathetic, this book is an emotional gem."
Kat Yeh, award-winning author of The Truth About Twinkie Pie

"Utterly delicious! Ivy’s a rare treat—a friend with an upbeat attitude who puts her whole heart into helping others."
Lisa Papademetriou, author of the Confectionately Yours series